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Scored for the University’s Orchestra. December 2019.

University of Regina Orchestra reading and recording postponed due to COVID-19.

[6 Minutes]

“Przemiana” is a Polish word that translates to “transformations” in English. 

For this piece, modal tonalities, many changes in texture, and Rondo form are used to convey the idea of similarities and changes. As the main theme comes back, it is always altered, never restated exactly as it was but still recognizable. The inspiration for this concept is that as one goes through life, they are changed by their environment and events, however, fundamentally remain the same person throughout it all.

Przemiana [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:48

The Northern Battle

Scored as part of the Screen Music Program. July 2020.

A film score for a scene from a popular fantasy television series.

[4 Minutes]

I used an orchestral instrumentation to create the score for this video as I thought it best suit the fantasy genre. To convey the chaotic and disorienting effect of the visuals, I frequently changed meters, used ample percussion, and added irregular panning to most of the instruments at intense moments.For the part in which the character John Snow gets trampled, I chose to omit the thicker musical texture and use only percussion. Afterwards, I scored an ascending sequence to build the tension of Snow climbing out from underneath the compressed group of soldiers.

The Northern Battle [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:54

Wind ensemble


Scored for the University’s Wind Ensemble. Recording in Winter 2020. 

[3 Minutes 12 Seconds]

A composition based on mental health struggles. It features various rhythms slowly overlapping until a disorienting effect is achieved. Loosely inspired by Penderecki’s Symphony No. 3, Fourth movement: Passacaglia - Allegro Moderato. 

Entropy [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:32

MIxed instrumentation Ensemble

Spheres of Time

Composed for the University’s New Music Ensemble. 

Premiered at the ensemble's concert on April 6th 2019. 

[7 Minutes 14 Seconds]

A minimalist work. Based upon anxiety, immense stress, and heart palpitations. The Piano II part represents the beating of a heart. For this piece, I used set theory; the sets are gradually superimposed in the middle section for an increasingly dissonant effect.

Spheres of Time [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:58

Geography: A Survey from British Columbia to Saskatchewan

Composed for the University’s New Music Ensemble. 

Premiered at the ensemble's concert in December 2018. 

[4 Minutes]

For Geography, a descending octatonic scale motiff as well as disjunct rising and falling lines suggest mountains. The prairies are portrayed with a simple solemn chorale. The overall structure is a simple ABA ternary.


Composed for the University’s New Music Ensemble. December 2018.

[3 Minutes]

This piece is an experimentation with tetrachords and set theory. The overall structure is inspired by the golden ratio, with the sets changing every section.

Pentakis [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:38

Piano solo


Composed for Edmonton pianist Sylvia Shadick-Taylor. 

Commissioned by SaskNewMusic for the 2020 Strata New Music Festival. July 2020.

Performance postponed due to COVID-19.

[5 Minutes]

 In collaboration with Saskatchewan artists Trevor Flemings and Lindsay Holizki

Porkchop [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:36


Canon for a Still Night

A choral work for SATB choir. August 2017.

[3 Minutes]

Set to the poem, "In the Still, Star-Lit Night,"  by American Poet and novelist Elizabeth Drew Stoddard.

Canon for a Still Night [Sample]Anika Zak
00:00 / 00:38

String quartet

Etude for the Break of Dawn

For string quartet. August 2017.

[3 Minutes]

Inspired by the moment when the sun rays overtake the dark Earth in the early morning, bringing in a new day.

Etude for the Break of Dawn [Sample]Anika
00:00 / 00:47


A Ride for Cinderella

Film score for Jam Handy Corporation's 1937 technicolour cartoon,

"A Ride for Cinderella."

Premiered at the Creative Technologies Showcase (University of Regina) in December 2019

[10 Minutes]

Uses elements of electronic music and musique concrete.

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